Events Review

Nov 28th Housing Professionals Joint Dinner
June 9th Joint Seminar on “Modernization of Lifts with Review on Recent Incidents and Salient Points to Note on Lift Maintenance for Property Management”


Oct 24th HKAPMC 27th Annual Dinner
Jun 14th Luncheon Talk on RMAA safety works
May 11th-13th Technical Visit to Singapore
Mar 17th Luncheon Talk on Fire Safety in Mini-Storages
Feb 7th Spring cocktail Reception
Nov 4th HKAPMC 26th Annual Dinner
Oct 20th – 23rd 2016 Nanjing Visit
Oct 12th Joint Press Conference on Manpower Requirements in the Property Management Industry in Hong Kong 2016-2025
Oct 6th URA Smart Tender and Interesting Case Sharing of Building Repair and Renovation
Sept 29th Quality Property Facility Management Award
Aug 28th 2016 HKAPMC Football Challenge Tournment
August 24th -26th 2016  Beijing Visit
June 20th Courtesy Visit – Home Affairs Bureau
May 26th 18 May Kowloon West Best Security Services Award 2015 Presentation Ceremony
May 18th A Joint Forum on Competition Ordinance
May 9th Courtesy Visit – Labour and Welfare Bureau
April 8th Courtesy Visit – Environment Bureau
Feb 18th – Mar 11th KW – Best Security Services Awards 2015 (18 Feb 2016 to 11 Mar 2016)
Feb 18th Spring Cocktail Reception of The Hong Kong Professional Property Services Alliance (18 Feb 2016)
Jan 30th The 23rd Green Power Hike – Property Management Cup (30 Jan 2016)
Jan 26th – Apr 14th The Best Landscape Award 2016
Dec 3rd
Nov 17th HKAPMC 25th Anniversary Dinner
Jul 29th Joint Seminar with SPCA – 促進人與動物社區和諧,及如何處理動物進入物業範圍的應變措施講座
Jun 29th A Joint Seminar on Setting Up Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers in Existing Private Residential and Commercial Buildings
Jun 20th 如何於屋苑加強防蚊措施及介紹管理合約上杜絕蚊患的相關條文
Jun 13rd A joint seminar on Nuisance and Building Management
May 28th Kowloon West Best Security Services Awards Presentation Ceremony 2014
Oct 17th HKAPMC Annual Dinner 2014
Oct 3rd WSD’s Notification Systems for Water Suspension Incidents
May 29th Luncheon Talk on FSD APP
Apr 14th 二零一七年行政長官及二零一六年立法會產生辦法公眾諮詢
Feb 17th The Hong Kong Professional Property Services Alliance Spring Cocktail
Jan 8th Municipal Solid Waste Charging
Oct 17th HKAPMC 23rd Anniversary Dinner
Oct 17th 閩粵港澳臺兩岸五地物業管理行業交流會
Sept 12th-15th HK Professional Property Services Alliance Changsha Visit
Sept 9th 「升降機及自動梯的安全及負責人責任」研討會
Feb 21st The Hong Kong Professional Property Services Alliance Spring Cocktail
Dec 11th The 22nd Annual General Meeting of The HKAPMC Ltd.
Nov 19th HKAPMC 22nd Anniversary Dinner
Aug 22nd Courtesy Visit to Mr K S Wong, Secretary of Environment
Jul 14th & 21st Result of HKAPMC Football Competition 2012
Jun 11th Courtesy Visit to Mr Tsang Tak Sing, JP
May 25th & 26th HKAPMC Guangzhou Visit 2012
Apr 11th Courtesy Visit to Mr Matthew Cheung, Secretary to Labour and Welfare
Mar 19th Courtesy Visit to Mr. Edward Yau, Secretary for Environment
Mar 7th Luncheon Talk  – Strengthening Waste Reduction Is Waste Charging an Option?
Feb 3rd The Hong Kong Professional Property Services Alliance Spring Cocktail