Management & Committees

The policy, working directions and practices of the Association are stipulated, implemented and monitored by The Council, which consists of representatives from 14 full member companies elected by all members.While the services of the Association are undertaken by a number of committees, the daily administration of it is coordinated by the Secretariat.  They include:


Establishment and enhancement of relationship between the Council and the members as well as among member companies.
Recruitment and registration of members.
Preparation and distribution of membership register.
Promotion of the Association’s service objectives.
Promotion of the Association’s profile and importance within the Hong Kong society.
Establishment of mutual understanding and relationship with external organizations.
Coordination of events, programmes and activities.
Maintenance of media relations and exposure.
Examination of the roles of the Association in providing further education and training< employees of the members and to make recommendations about improvements and developments that might be made in the future./td>
Communication of information on educational issues to the members.
Provision of specific training programmes with academic institutions and other professional bodies.
Organization of educational seminars, talks and programmes.
Enforcement of Codes of Conduct and management procedures.
Investigation of complaints and allegations against member companies for breaching of the Codes of Conduct.
Implementation of disciplinary procedures.
Review the Codes of Conduct and recommend for amendments for the Association.
Preparation of constructive response to consultative and policy papers prepared by the the Hong Kong SAR on related issues that may have effects on members of the Association.
Preparation of advisory guidelines and circulars on specific topics for members’ information and reference.
Production of advisory circulars on special topics to members.
Organization of programmes and activities for the benefits of the members including seminars, luncheon talks, visits, sports and recreational activities, annual dinner, etc…
Organization of joint venture programmes and activities with other, professional bodies, government departments and related organizations.
Coordination and publication of all reports and publications for the Association.
Maintenance and updating of the Association’s website regularly.
Production of Newsletters and Annual Year Books.
Publication of various printed matters for specific events and occasions.
External Affairs Committee
Organizing overseas trade missions, seminars, conference and visits.
Strengthening ties and establishing mutual understanding and information exchange with overseas professional bodies, government departments and other related organizations.
Participating in bilateral or multilateral cooperation agreements with overseas counterparts which would be of interest to our members.
Keeping members informed of overseas industry development.