Archives 2010

Dec 15th Tree Management in Private Property
Nov 29th HKAPMC 20th Anniversary Dinner
Nov 26th Talk on Minimum Wage Ordinance
Oct 20th Introduction of new Associate membership (AssocRICS)
Sept 30th The 12th AGM of the HKAPMC Ltd
May 27th HKAPMC Members Forum
Part I: Proposed Licensing of Property Management Companies and Individual Practitioners
Part II: Review of the HKAPMC Memorandum and Articles of the Association (M&A)
May 20th “Moving into a New Era of Professional 20th Anniversary Celebration Kick-off Ceremony cum Symposium on Building Green City”
May 18th Luncheon Talk – Voluntary Building Classification Scheme (VBCS)
May 15th Seminar on “Unravelling a Ticking Bomb – Proper Building Management and Maintenance of Aged Buildings”
April 14th Luncheon Talk – Minor Works Control System & Registration of Minor Works Contractors
Mar 4th Luncheon Talk – “A New Producer Responsibility Scheme for Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment “
Feb 25th The Hong Kong Professional Property Services Alliance Spring Cocktail