President’s Message


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It has been my honor to be elected as the President of the Association with the generous support of all Council Members. On behalf of Sunbase International Properties Management Limited, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude for the trust and confidence of Council and members. We will do our best to represent our members in any discussion with government or other bodies concerning the interests, rights, powers and privileges of the members or other matters of common interest of property management industry.

Founded in 1990, we expect to strengthen collaboration efforts with local and overseas Institutes in an attempt to broaden horizons and sharpen professionalism for the wider property management industry. The Council of the term will continue to uphold the Association’s objectives by organizing various activities, listening and collecting views from the industry and our members in order to reflect our concerns and suggestions to the government. Particularly, the Property Management Services Bill is now undergoing the second reading of the legislative procedures. While we anticipate the ordinance would come into effect by the last quarter of the year, we will be working closely with different educational institutes and will encourage our member’s staff to take appropriate courses for new practitioners to meet with the licensing requirements.

Aside from the license system, our industry is going to face a lot of challenges in the coming years. With the Review of Building Management Ordinance by Home Affairs Department (HAD) in November 2015, the industry will be confronting various uncertainties and challenges in the coming years. In response, we have solicited members’ opinions to these controversial amendments and worked with the other Property Management professional bodies to ensure our views and suggestions on the consultation document could be fed to HAD. In recent years, suspected bid-rigging activities in private building repair and maintenance works has drawn much social attention. The Association is also very concerned about the issue. We will organize seminars to our members and invite government officials to collaborate with the URA, the Hong Kong Housing Society and other organizations on how to carry out the said works.

We will continue to serve as the bridge between the industry and government. Concerning the minimum wage ordinance and standardization of maximum working hours, we will bring in the voice of the industry to the government and speak for the industry. We will devote ourselves to the participation in public and community affairs, the promotion of environmental protection and commitment in corporate social responsibility.

In addition, the Association will be strengthening the communication between the Association and property management organization of Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Mainland China to build a closer partnership for more collaboration and exchanges in achieving mutually beneficial situation.

At the 25th anniversary of the Association, we are in an attempt to broaden the scope of service and sharpen professionalism for the wider industry. Currently, we have 92 members who provide quality services for over 70% of residential units, various industrial and commercial buildings, car parks, and private and government facilities in Hong Kong. In the future, we will adhere to our role as a catalyst and continue to relay our intimate knowledge of the industry alongside our expert opinions regarding specific recommendations on the policy and measures for the planning and development of property management field.

I am confident that with the usual relentless support from the leadership of all office bearers, Committee’s Chairmen and Council members in the past participation, the association will continue its leading position in the industry. I hope to cooperate deeply with all of you to overcome new challenges, to contribute to the Property Management industry and to deliver a better future to the members as well as the society.

Mr. Andrew Lee Chun Lai
Jan 2016